Let your guests enjoy a pot of vibrant and savory flavors of Mediterranean cuisine from Mashawi Grill. Our team will serve tasty food to your guests so you can focus on other aspects of your celebration.

Q: Do You Currently Have Nutritional Information on Your Menu or Online?

A: We are currently working on our nutritional information. We will post it on our site as soon as it becomes available.

Q: Do You Have More Than One Location?

A: We currently have two locations in South Torrance and North Redondo.

Q: Is Your Garlic Spread Made with Dairy Products or Shortening?

A: No, our garlic spread is made with pure garlic.

Q: What Does Mashawi Grill Mean, and How Do You Pronounce It?

A: Mashawi is an Arabic word meaning any meat or vegetable that can be roasted or barbecued on an open fire, pronounced maa-shaa-wee.

Q: Do You Serve Halal?

A: Currently, our Lamb Kebob is Halal. Everything else is not Halal.

Q: Do You Franchise?

A: No, we do not and have no current plans to do so.